The Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc. is involved in many wildlife protection campaigns, we lobby the Government, and we work closely with other like-minded groups.

Commercial Kangaroo Kill

Probably the single most urgent wildlife campaign is to close down the commercial kangaroo kill. Kangaroo populations have crashed over the last few years due to heavy commercial shooting, compounded by drought, Climate Change, and loss of habitat. Regional extinction is common in many areas of Australia, in every State, and we are being left with small genetically impoverished family groups. Sometimes these ‘mobs’ are as low as six or eight kangaroos, trapped by suburban sprawl, and unable to escape and mingle with other small mobs. You can find more information about our kangaroo campaigns¬†here.

Wildlife Trophy Hunting

The Federal Government has rejected several proposals to trophy hunt wildlife. We proudly and unashamedly fight to prevent our wildlife becoming trophies for overseas and local sporting game hunters. Crocodiles, kangaroos, eagles, and several other protected species, have all been suggested for trophy hunting. In spite of heavy lobbying by shooter groups, so far the Federal Government has refused to allow the export of trophy heads and body parts.

Bush Fire Awareness

We work to create community awareness of the damage of fire to wildlife and wildlife habitat. Recent bush fires in New South Wales, Victoria, South and Western Australia have had a fearsome impact on wildlife, with many localised animal populations wiped out. Complete populations of some animals such as quolls, wallabies, bandicoots, potaroos, gliders, koalas, ringtailed possums, and small bush birds and animals have been destroyed. There are many areas of rural Australia where the so-called common possum, is now very uncommon, or not to be found at all!

Land Clearing Controls

We encourage the implementation of appropriate and enforceable land clearing controls in areas of high conservation value.

Wildlife Culling

We are opposed to all wildlife culling and poisoning, and work with many other groups to stop the destruction of our wildlife. In 2010, we are supposed to be a learned and compassionate Society, and as such, we believe there is no need to kill wildlife. There are always non-lethal wildlife control methods … if indeed wildlife needs to be controlled at all!

Flying Fox Shooting

We are opposed to the shooting and/or the attempted relocation of flying foxes. Flying fox numbers are dropping Australia wide, due to heat stress caused by Climate Change, shooting, harrassment, and loss of native food trees. Flying Foxes are pollinators of the forests, without them very little forest regeneration would occur. Every Summer, many thousands of flying foxes die due to heat stress.

Wildlife for Pets

We are opposed the concept of wildlife for pets, for many reasons.

Duck and Quail Hunting

We have lobbied for years to prevent duck and quail shooting seasons. Gradually this ‘sport’ is being seen by the broader community to be cruel and undesirable. Queensland has fairly recently banned it, only Tasmania and Victoria remain with duck and quail shooting seasons.

Farming Wildlife

We remain strongly opposed to farming and/or harvesting of wildlife.

Fraser Island Dingoes

We support and encourage the complete protection of the Fraser Island dingoes, and the implementation of better management measures, appropriate to a World Heritage Area.

Tasmanian Mutton Bird Kill

We help and support local Tasmanian groups who are lobbying the Tasmanian Government to close the Tasmanian mutton bird kill, and we support a total ban on the use of 1080 poison.

National Park Management Funding

National Park and Conservation Areas management in every State is appallingly bad, with only a handful of Rangers in each State. Adequate National Park management funds are almost non-existent, and management strategies are mostly determined by match and gun. We lobby Governments for more funds for National Park management.

Increased Protection for Marine Animals

We lobby hard for increased protection for marine animals, including whales, dolphins, dugong, turtles, and other marine life.

Wildlife Education

Wildlife education is a big issue for us, and we are working hard to source funding to provide resources for educators and students.

“Big” Australia

Increasing population places great stress on our wildlife through habitat loss. We do not support the concept of a “big” Australia.

If you would like to receive information about any of these or other wildlife matters, please contact us.