About Us

The members of the Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc.(WPAA) are dedicated and committed to the conservation and protection of our native wildlife. We actively engage government and industry to provide accountable and sustainable policies and practices to better manage our fragile environment. We are pledged to campaign against all actions which threaten the current or future existence of our wildlife. We promote positive community attitudes through education, communication and advocacy .


The single most important issue facing our wildlife is lack of education. WPAA is undertaking to provide a range of educational products and services.


WPAA provides a comprehensive communication framework designed to highlight wildlife issues both locally and globally.


As a non-government community-based group, WPAA lobbies the government and industry at all levels to do better with wildlife protection.Tax Deductibility

WPAA is a registered tax deductible charity. Any donations over $20 (this applies to assets as well, such as a vehicle, machinery, land or a house, etc.) you may make to WPAA are tax deductable. You will receive a receipt from us acknowledging that your donation is tax deductable under the Register of Approved Organisations. This receipt may be handed to your accountant and legitimately used by you as a tax deduction. No part of any donation is used by WPAA for administration or wages. Every cent you donate to WPAA hits the ground running, and is used in our campaigns to protect our remnant wildlife. 

Our Patrons

WPAA has been formed with the continued support of our patrons, the Irwin family. The Irwin family send a strong message about the conservation and protection of wildlife through their wildlife documentaries seen by millions of people on television around the world.

 Sadly, Steve passed away in 2006 and the world will continue to mourn the loss of the original Wildlife Warrior. His wife Terri, children Robert and Bindi and the extended Irwin family have vowed to keep up the fight for wildlife conservation. They own and operate the world class Australia Zoo, at Beerwah, north of Brisbane Australia.

Don’t forget to visit Australia Zoo’s website.