End of an era

We are deeply saddened to let you know of the passing of our President and friend, Pat O’Brien. He was a devoted and determined advocate for wildlife, and fought tirelessly to protect the diverse environment in which they live, and on which they depend. Those who knew him were enriched by his warmth and inspired by his passion. 

We have created a memorial page for Pat if you would like to visit or leave a message.

Patrick O’Brien founder and President of WPAA

Taking Pat’s work into the future

While Pat will be sadly missed, his vision will live on into the future. The Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc. will continue his quest to ensure the current survival, and future existence, of Australia’s unique and beautiful wildlife.

We are thirteen years into the 21st Century and our wildlife is in just as much trouble as ever. Habitat destruction, climate change, and a lack of government direction towards wildlife protection issues has seen most species populations plummet to an all time low. 

Community wildlife groups battle to save injured and orphaned wildlife, while at the same time, government agencies hand out permits over the phone to kill them. Never before in Australian history has there been such an urgent need to protect our remnant native species. It’s even more important now in 2013 to protect what we have left, and that’s what the Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc. does.